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Melissa Gaddis

Director of Client Management at Iovation

"Logicbox improved and simplified how we manage our client base. Plus they saved us thousand of dollars per month compared to the previous software provider. That was value everyone could get on board with!"

-Pete Shumway

Vice President at Matthews International

"Logicbox was able to deliver a tailored solution that perfectly fit our unique business model. They did it as a one-stop-shop, taking total accountability. Best of all they delivered the solution on time and on budget."

Renee Conner

Division Manager at Plus Interiors

"Logicbox automated our multiple lines-of-business into a single system. Plus we manage leads, accounts, orders, invoicing, marketing, support and our vendors all in one place."

Dave Levine

Vice President at Kingsbridge Holdings

"Logicbox has transformed how we manage the front end processes of selling our lease products. It's put everyone on the same page, executing the most streamlined and efficient way to service our customers."

Mark Marino

CEO at Red Rhino Leak Detection

"The Logicbox guys are first and foremost business analysts. They came in, studied our business and made best-of-breed recommendations we never would have thought of. When off-the-shelf software won't cut it, Logicbox is a winning choice to automate your business."

Clifton Roberts

CEO at U Got Stink

"Logicbox helps us manage our franchisees and how they deliver their services to customers in the field. Over 90% of the transactions, including invoicing, are done through mobile devices, making the system accessible from basically anywhere."

Robert Gerstein

Vice President at Woodfield Distribution, LLC

"We offer Tele-detailing services that require customization that off-the-shelf systems could not address. Logicbox was able to customize our system to meet the requirements of our different customers, as well as integrate into our warehouse management system. This has allowed Woodfield Distribution, LLC to streamline and simplify our order processing and allowed us to expand the types of services we sell."

Light, no bloatware!

Everything you need and only what you need: Light, no bloatware!

Better ROI

Our "one-stop-shop" approach is cheaper than an administrative staff or using an expensive 3rd party. Our subscription fees are more affordable.

Easier to use

It’s tailored to perfectly match your business, making it intuitive and efficient.

Powerful analytics

A custom database, relational in a way that reflects your "real world," makes your data more accessible and reportable.

Enterprise Grade Business Logic

Just because you're not a Fortune 500 company doesn't mean your application can't satisfy all your unique requirements and interdependencies.

Everything You Need

All of your unique business processes in a single system. Marketing, prospecting, sales, booking, fulfillment, invoicing, payments, support? You name it, we can do it.

Tailored Global Search

Phone numbers, SKUs, account numbers, whatever - you'll find it fast.

Precise And Complex Calculations

Let us program in the hard math to save you time.

Custom Notifications, Approvals & Verifications

Keep your teams informed and on one page.

Most Advanced Permission Levels

Keep your teams focused on what they need to do and see, with a tailored user experience and controled data access - even for the most complex business structures.

Only What You Need

No nonessential features or distracting bells and whistles. Plus with your navigation laid out to reflect your business, it's intuitive and easier to use.

Manage Multiple Lines-of-Business

Need different workflows for different LOBs or divisions? No problem.

Mobile Access

All of your unique workflows in your pocket, any time, anywhere, any device.

Expertise Included

Priority access to our world-class design team included as part of your subscription.

Your Logicbox can include the following capabilities tuned to reflect your unique workflows and processes:
  • Customer and Contact Management
  • Lead, Opportunity and Sales Automation
  • Inside Sales / Telesales
  • Referral and Vendor Management
  • Order Management and Invoicing
  • Channel Management
  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Field and Professional Service Automation
  • Manage Pricelists and Commissions
  • Contract Management and Document Repository
  • Support and Case Management
  • Diary everything - Archive interactions, notes and emails.
  • Project and Task Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Commercial Grade Security
  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics
  • Totally Custom Modules
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How It Works

Fanatical Design

We become experts on how your business is run, it’s processes and workflows.

We define a complete set of functional and analytical requirements.

We design a custom data model and site map that perfectly fit your business.

We create your roll-out strategy.

Masterful Implementation

We develop and implement your custom database.

We tailor Logicbox into a light, simple CRM that perfectly matches your business.

We review and test your system with key stakeholders in an iterative fashion.

Smooth Release

We extract, transform and load any legacy data.

We train your people and execute the release strategy created in the Design Phase.

Your system goes live!

We Implement post-production enhancements and deliver outstanding support.

The most powerful business applications - at a price you can afford!


$ 49 per user / month

20 user minimum
$45 per user above 20 users
Setup fees may apply


$ 39 per user / month

50 user minimum
$35 per user above 50 users
Setup fees may apply


$ 35   per user / month

100 user minimum
$30 per user above 100 users
Setup fees may apply

All plans include cloud delivery, platform updates, and full customer support

20 user minimum

Scale of 1 to 10


$49 per user
$980 per month

Design & Setup

Estimated Price: $6500
Your Discount: $4900
Your Total Setup: $1600

The Logicbox Experience

Logicbox Software, Inc. was founded in 2010, and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Here at Logicbox, we pride ourselves on becoming part of your team as trusted advisors. Our business analysts, implementation and support teams are world class and add value at every juncture of the customer experience.

As a result, every customer receives a CRM tuned for their specific business. With Logicbox our customers are winning in markets such as: Manufacturing, Software, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Financial Services, Telesales, Travel, Equipment Leasing, Field Service, Wealth Management, Professional Services, Industrial Automation and many more.

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(877) 319-3330


505 Northwest Couch Street, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97209

Careers at Logicbox

We welcome inquiries from hard-working, innovative job-seekers and contractors with experience in:

  • Business and / or web application design
  • Software / web development
  • Software development project management
  • Software and / or web sales


Current Open Positions

Please email us at jobs@logicboxsoftware.com